UCC Club Equipment List

The club has a variety of equipment that is available for members to borrow at no cost.  All we ask is that the equipment is returned in good order and that members might consider making a small donation to cover wear and tear.

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Strobe Lighting System
300W Studio Flash Lighting Kitx3
light standsx3
Barn Doorx1
Set of 4 colour Gelsx1
Soft Boxesx2
wireless Triggersx3
Carrying case for the lightsx1
Large 3m by 6m backdrop support systemx1
1x white cotton backgroundx1
1x Black cotton backgroundx1
Large 2.75 by 11m Backdrop system - with Black or Lagoon Blue fabricx1
LED Lighting System
Light Stands - Photo-R 3m height x7
Light Stands - Photo-R 2m height x7
LED light sets Neewer LED 308 + gels + remotes x7
Sony Type Batteries NP-F970 for lightsX12
PIXAPRO VNIX LED1000S Daylight LED panel with Softbox, Grid and Stand - Mains powered only.x2
Miscellaneous (used for specific topics)
Foam Core Board Light reflecting boards A1 size x10
Polystyrene Heads3 x male + 3 x female
Balloon whisk & dog leadx3
Display Boards for Exhibition
XL Standard 4 Panel and Pole Modular Display Board System inc. Carry Bag, Grey Frame,  Black Fabricx9
Various Advertising posters for our annual Exhibition.X2
Club Computer and mobile hard drivex1
Club Data Projectorx1
Canon LV-7290
Projector Screenx1
Monitor/screen calibration system
Spyder 5.1Express Colour calibration system for Windows and Mac usersx1
Further Miscellaneous
Cheap tripods donated to the clubx2
Lighting Stand (owned by DHH but available for loan)X1
Large Reflector (white/gold and White/silver double sided)x1
Large White and/or Silver reflectorsx6
Reflector/White balance targetx1
Large oval/round Backgroundx2
Flash Softbox (one owned by DHH but available for loan)x3
“lightbox” – actually LED lit tracing panels plus 2 x USB/mains adaptorsx2
A5 coloured acetates (2 sets)x4
15cm2 polarising filtersx2
Projector Screen (purchased May 2018 and shown at the AGM)x1
Canon AE1 SLR Film Camerax1
Manual for Camera
50mm F1.8
35-105mm F3.5 Zoom/Macro
70-210 mm f4 Zoom
Small Flash unit for Canon
Minolta Dynax 7000i Film Camerax1
Manual for Camera
28mm F2.8 Wide Angle
35-105 mm F3.5
50 mm prime F1.7
70-210 F4
Minolta (specific) flash