Club Meetings

Club evenings:


1)  Members should indicate in advance if they plan to attend meetings. For those on facebook events have been set up and it is as simple as ticking the “going” or “not going” box. Help/training can be provided if you need it. For the few that are not, a simple email will do. This is particularly important for practical sessions where we need to know numbers to be able to arrange tables in a way that minimises close contact between members.

2) Government guidelines still suggest regular lateral flow testing. Although we will not be insisting that people do this, it is hoped that members are following this advice. 

3) No member should attend a meeting if they or anyone in their household has had COVID symptoms in the last 7 days.


1) The committee will arrive early to open windows, sanitise/wipe down common touch points.

2) On arrival at the hall members are required to sanitise hands using the gel provided.

3) Members are required to sign in before entering the main hall. There is also a QR code for those using track and trace however this does not remove the need to sign in.

4) Members should collect their own chair and sanitise/clean using the spray/wipes provided. Chairs should then be placed leaving at least 1 metre apart.  

5) Toilet facilities will be available.

6) Kitchen facilities will NOT be available. If members require refreshments during breaks they should bring their own.

7) At the end of each meeting members are required to wipe down their own chairs and return to the stacker

8) Please note with windows and doors open the hall is likely to be a little colder than normal especially as we move into the winter months. Members may well want to bring warmer clothing/additional layers. 


1) If any member develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the premises, they must use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact, and also contact a committee member.